anna banana (doughboyluvin) wrote,
anna banana


I would say "time flies," but in actuality, everything is as it should be. So that's that. How are you, world?

This past year has been one of the strangest, for me.
I was doing things that were out of character. Things I should have not been doing. Sure, things are better now.
I've had very detailed dreams the past two nights. Dreams that capture moments of my past and a distorted future. Dreams that give you that funny feeling when you wake up, like you're in some world you aren't supposed to be in. *T&M*

I have been trying planning to go to the beach for the last 11 Sundays, but it doesn't quite come to pass. Perhaps this Sunday I will make it out to my solo dinner on the shore and then for a sublime stroll with a festive autumn beverage in hand.

Until next time, you. Muah!
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