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just thinking of you

jeezum. My life is full of...obsessions right now. So many, so many. I saw Green Day live. absoeffinglutely amazing. Ha. I was so sexed in the city last night. It's fantastic how a simple trip to the grocery store can turn into such a tv show moment. My cell phone has been ringing all day and i have gladly ignored almost every call. I really am maturing, no matter what they say. The managers meeting today made me realize that I really am 19. Is it normal for me to feel so much older than 19? Why is growing up happening so fast? I feel as though I don't have time for breathing it all in. The moon is pretty for us tonight. If two people don't want the same things, is it even worth trying to compromise? Or come to an agreement? Honestly, who has time for games? With things moving so fast in life and all. The wedding! It was beautiful. Jackie, Nick, and I all had a grand time. An open bar. seeing old friends? making out with 2 good friends. endless glasses of champagne and wine [and 2 b. lites]. Riding in the backseat of a smooth BMW. sleeping in soft-as-feather beds. Not worrying about anything but the moment. Sometimes I think my fun is to fun.
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