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give me a break! [from homework]

the first:

1. First best friend: Melissa
2. First car: F-150 [that was alll mine]
3. First real kiss: Mathew Estrada
4. First break-up: Philip K.
5. First screen name: ABG111185
6. First funeral: Uncle Willie.
7. First pets: cat. Winston
8. First piercing: Ears
9. First big trip: road trip to california when i was a youngin

The lasts:

1. Last cigarette: I don't remember
2. Last car ride: comin home from the corner store a few hrs ago
3. Last kiss: !!!!!!!!!!
4. Last good cry: its been awhile
5. Last movie seen in theatres: Amityville Horror, last friday
6. Last beverage drank: V8 splash
7. Last food consumed: fruit special?
8. Last crush: David..
9. Last phone call: Carlos
10. Last time showered: this morning
11. Last shoes worn: my black flip flops of course


1. Do you do drugs?: not on a daily basis ;)
2. What kind of shampoo do you use?: lately...Matrix
3. What are you most scared of?: having too many regrets
4. What are you listening to right now?: Lion King sndtrk
6. How many buddies are online?: i dunno. i hate IM
7. What would you change about yourself?: hmm...dunno


1. Color: purple, red
2. Food: sandwiches [seafood]
3. Animals: polar bears, koala bears
4. Sports: baseball.

Have you ever:

1. Given anyone a bath? yes
2. Smoked? Yes
3. Bungee jumped? No.
4. Made yourself throw up? yes. it was for the best
5. Skinny-dipped? Yes.
6. Been in love? ehhh...
7. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: nah.
8. Seen your crush naked? :D
9. Cried when someone died? Yeah.
10. Lied? sometimes.
11. Fallen for your best friend? nah.
12. Been rejected? by your dad.
13. Rejected someone? yesssssss.
14. Used someone? yes.
15. Done something you regret? of course.

Last person:

1. you touched? carlos
2. Hugged? carlos.
3. You instant messaged? david

Are you:

1. Understanding? YES.
2. Open-minded? YES.
3. Interesting? i'd like to think so.
4. Hungry? always.
5. Smart? probably not.
6. Moody? possibly.
7. Hardworking? haha, noooo.
8. Organized? Noooo.
9. Healthy? kinda.
10. Shy? not most of the time.
11. Attractive? ehhhh...
12. Bored easily? no way.
13. Responsible? of course not.
14. Hyper? Sometimes.
15. Trusting? Yes.
16. Talkative? Yes.
17. Legal? not legal enough.

Whom do you want to:

1. Look like? myself?
2. Talk to offline? him
3. Talk to online? him
4. Hang out with? right now...nick

Which is better:

1. Coke or Pepsi: negative on the pop
2. Flowers or candy: Flowers
3. Tall or short: Tall
4. Liquor or beer? ohhh...bourbon w/ a splash of coke or bud light


1. What do you notice first: smile.
2. Last person you danced with: nick.
3. Who makes you laugh the most? gus.
4. Who makes you smile: everyone. [david]
5. Who do you have a crush on: everyone
6. Who has a crush on you: ehhh...

Do you ever:

1. Save conversations: if it was a good one.
2. Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: uhhmm..sure.
3. Wish you were younger: yes.
4. Cry because someone said something to you: No.


1. Of guys I've kissed: damn. a lot. i need more than 2 hands.
2. Of continents I have lived in: 1
3. Of tight friends: hmmm...enough
4. Of CDs I own: never counted..
5. Of scars on body: a lot! im such a goofball.

nothings gonna change my world. ive seriously led an...INTERESTING life so far...i mean DAMN! haha. holler atcha gurl!
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