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her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you

Hi. I'm home by myself right now. That's funny. I had such an odd dream last night. I really hope everything works out. For everything. I had a brownie and a slice of carrot cake from the House of Pies last night. Can we say delish? DELISH! swimming in 35345231414 degrees below zero isn't too smart. As long as it's fun though...I wonder why i'm so weird about certain things. i DO get inspired by movies. Inspired in a good way. Not in a crazy way. Completely good. And only on certain movies that make me realize. I saw the Amityville Horror [remake] last night. My stud shall stay. For now. It caused me pain. Tears. So therefore, I will give it a chance. There was a time you let me know...
I didn't get any mail today. That's okay. Maybe next time....maybe. I'm sad the semester is coming to a close. I like the school year. Makes me feel productive. Even though I will be in summer school. Still. Psh
I will call you.

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